Friday, July 3, 2009

P(r)opsicles to the homies!

Nick Ferreira

Nick is so busy, I have no idea how he does it. I'm often blown away about the great content I'll find on his blogs. Nothing regarding the X-Gaymes or who just got sponsored, but the real reason we all choose to ride bikes (of any sort)... FUN!

Holeshot! Zine

In The Gnar

Amigos Publishing

Strip Mall City

Adam Roye

Adam has done so many rad projects. Remember Aaron Ross' signature graphics for the 'Stairmaster' (now the Maneater). What about the graphics for not one, but all of the Chase Hawk Signature frames. Yep, Adam stays busy and runs an awesome zine called CULT. As he's said before, "If you don't buy one, its cool... you wouldn't understand anyways."

Adumb Roye

Empire BMX

Fit Bike Co.

Liquor Bikes

Terrible One

Prashant Gopal

Prashant runs another zine, by the name of Yo, Sick! Which is also free by the way, I know with the tough times its hard to spend those pennies. He also contributes to Flickr with some awesome riding shots, and runs an awesome local Ottawa BMX site that's been going for the past 7-8 years by the name of Capital BMX. I've never had a chance to meet Prashant, but through snail-mail and the inter-nerd I have a feeling he's a kickass dude!

Capital BMX

Yo Sick!

These dudes all run awesome zines, and helped push me to complete the first issue of Ice Cold. I've never had a pen-pal in the past and always wanted something more in the mail then bills and advertisements, and thanks to these three I have some great reading material along with some great pals!

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