Sunday, November 1, 2009

*Insert cliche' sorry here*

Fill in the above with whatever would fit for "sorry the lack of updates, via the Ice Cold Blog." If you got your copy of Issue #3, you probably saw how I have a hate-love-hate relationship with technology. With this in mind don't expect to find too many updates.

In other news I finally finished up with Issue #4. I am super stoked on how this issue came out. Compared to the Issue #3 , it looks like someone else took-over! I've run into some slight delays with getting copies made though. Funds are tight at the moment, so #4 has been put on a temporary hold. Sorry!

In the meantime if you really need an internet fix, make sure you check out Holeshot. Nick always has the best updates, and has recently decided to focus more time towards his two fantastic projects: Holeshot and Amigos Publishing. As always Nuno provides great photos. Ben recently changed the PDX site, due to his recent move! And Adam always seems to be getting a Cult of some kind going.

Until next time. - Ryan/Spoon

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