Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy (insert holiday here) - Issue #5

It's holiday season. I've been running into a few familiar faces from high school. Always weird! Other then holi-daze bringing out the crazy folks... it seems to produce good web videos.

Osiris - Sean Burns from Osiris BMX on Vimeo.

Other then that, Issue #5 has been in the works. I was going to do a New Years release. But that's tomorrow, and well... it's not gonna happen. Instead I'm thinking of doing something around my birthday. I usually take it real mellow, but I'm thinking a BBQ @ Skatepark? I'll hand out some zines, stickers, maybe even hand-me down bike parts. I'll still pondering this one... I'll keep this filled with updates! The date would be Jan 30th, 2010.

Also, just a heads up on a few things.
Prashant just released the new Yo, Sick! Check it out here!
Nick just released Issue #6 along with an awesome shirt. Get that here!
The Defgrip store has some new additions. Check it out!

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  1. Thanks for throwing it up, I would love to see a copy of ice cold and I got two dollars....saweeet.