Friday, November 18, 2011

Yo Sick (zine) Interview

This was a questionaire with Prashant Gopal of 'Yo Sick!' from back in November of last year.

Below is the text from that interview.

Yo Prashant, hows 'yo, sick' going?
It's going well, just finished issue #5. It's winter here, so not much do if you don't like the ice and cold, so I tend to stay inside and work on assorted projects. This issue is my favorite yet, with the most content, diverse material, and alot of contributions from my friend Trent. Each issue I feel is changing from the last, and I'm avoiding following any rules or formula.

Anything new in the works?
Well issue 5 is new. Already have ideas for 6. More pins. Maybe stickers. We'll see what else. I'm having a low-key release party/art show at my place, so that should be fun.

When did 'yo, sick' start?
Started a year ago, as more-or-less a tangible extension of my website (, but now I see it moving away from a 'bmx' zine, or being able to fit in to any category. I always liked tangible, hand made things, and it felt like zines were making a resurgence in BMX of sorts (thanks to Nick F./Holeshot I would say), so I thought "why not?" and assembled some stuff together. copied it. gave it out for free. mailed them out to friends. etc.

How's it been accepted?
It's been accepted well. I think if you make anything free people will eventually like it. The issues are getting bigger, and material more diverse. I've always liked making things for the sole purpose of sharing it with people and I think people recognize that, and appreciate it. Sometimes I feel a little weird talking about this dorky little project/publication I make, but then sometimes I'll meet like minded people so it makes it worth it.

All by yourself, or more contributions?
Used to be all by myself, but now I ask some people to contribute and they are usually down. I like having total control, so sometimes its tough waiting on receiving things from people, but so far the who have contributed (Harley Haskett, Trent Barker) have been amazing and cooperative. Hopefully more contributes from people who's work I like and admire in the future.

Last words & Thanks:
Thanks to Ryan for these questions and outlet, not to mention the newest issues of Ice Cold in my mailbox. Nick from Holeshot for being a breath of fresh air in the rather stale BMX 'media world'. My friend Andrew Gulya, AKA Gooles, who used to make the best zine out of Hamilton, ON called Diazed. That zine was amazing and had a big influence on me when I started riding. Trent Barker for being down to contribute. Harley Haskett too for the same reasons and being an all around rad dude. Anyone that has ever traded me zines, or sent something in the mail, I appreciate it. Hopefully people see what I make and get the urge to make something themselves to share with their friends. Send me an email if anyone wants to trade zines or artwork:

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