Thursday, June 25, 2009

Issue #2 available now!?

Thats right folks after a little downtime, thanks to wonderful machines called computers, Ice Cold Issue #2 is now ready for your viewing enjoyment. I've already sent out a few issue's to my "subscribers". Dudes you know who you are! Also regardig subscriptions, by issue #3 I'll have a form for all the fillout. I'm not sure how much it'll be, but it's gonna be on the cheap. As long as you got five on it, we'll be chill.

As always, trades are highly encouraged. I'm currently BMX-less and regretting the trade I made... a little. If you have any extra parts laying around I'd be more then happy to make a trade. Coming soon as well I'll be holding an auction of art I've produced. The canvas' are starting to pile up so its time to clear house. These will also be on the cheap. I find it better to have the work out there, then try to say I've sold a $100 painting. $100 isn't worth that much anymore anyways.

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