Monday, June 29, 2009

Rednecks, American Made, and DIY!

This past Sunday I had the chance to attend the Petaluma Fair, down in none other then Petaluma, California. This town that is often better known for it's skatepark(?) and local venues, played place to the Destruction Derby and County Fair this fine weekend. Remember the fair... Well here I'll help provide some friendly reminders!

We arrived a little late, per a pre-bbq with family. From there we proceeded to make our way through the crowds. The heat made it pretty hard to deal, but a Ice Cold brew solved that problem. "It wouldn't be the fair without a fresh cold one..." one on-looker mentioned as he walked away with his frosty refreshment.

Located behind the flying headless child, you'll see a Sea Lion. What does a Sea Lion have to do with the fair... money(?). I can only guess this had a few viewers during the day, the heat alone had the Sea Lion asking for a ticket back home! I think I may have seen the likes of Dave Mirra trying out the bouncy-thing, the dude was wearing a Monster hat so it had to be Mirra right? X-Gaymes 2009!

And then destruction? Well the course was a little short, I think they had around 100ft or so to gain speed and around 20 ft. across. The reactions from the crowd were by far the best part. At one point the yellow and car seen above was dodging being hit by another competitor, this did not go over well with the crowd. Boo's, hisses, taunts, and other vulgarities were thrown about. I think next time instead of taking pictures of the cars I'll take reaction shots of the crowd. That and I always thought having a collection of carnie portraits would be rad.

Once again, Issue #2 is hot off the presses and now available! Now more car-nage...

Check out the dude throwing his hands in the air... way stoked!

Do these photos even change?

Also I guess my homie, and a major Ice Cold supporter, Ian from Box Dog Bikes had an eventful weekend due to the festivities down in good ol' San Francisco. Passed out partiers from a weekend gone wild. Awesome wheelie timing!

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