Monday, February 8, 2010

Analog Remix

Recently Harrison posted an awesome video over on Defgrip regarding Mixtapes. He had mentioned maybe having a few lying around his parents house, which got me thinking. Awhile ago I had posted pictures of some mixtapes an old friend had made. I had phrased a question:

How can I find a girl like this again?

Two responses:
Good Grades: this is insane. contact this wonderful woman again?

Travis Jutson: Facebook, can't go wrong. Unless she's fat, ugly and married now.

I guess a little more clarity on the matter was necessary. She dumped me later on... ouch! Ha-ha, no no it's all good. What was awesome was the time taken. A CD could have been bought, maybe some shirt, or even a little something something on the side. Instead the time was taken to compose a simple - yet at the same time complex - mixtape. To the girl, thank you.

With Valentines day approaching this seemed appropriate. And if your like me, hand-made gifts fit into the budge. So instead of pulling out the pocket-book pull out a pair of scissors... or maybe that old boom box.

And once again: February 14th, 99 6th Street Santa Rosa, CA; ICE COLD RELEASE PARTY - with music by: Sabertooth Zombie, All Teeth, Defeater, and Many More!

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