Thursday, February 4, 2010

Reminder - Press - More Videos

Reminder - The Release Party is now February 14th (Yes I know... Valentines Day, if you have plans with loved ones no worries). 99 6th Street, Santa Rosa CA. My buddy Mike is throwing a show with: Sabertooth Zombie, All Teeth, Comadre, Defeater, and Litany For The Whale. Check out a flier here! Come on out and have a good time.

Maybe you already picked up a copy of Ice Cold? If not please check out the Ice Cream Stand to the right! But if you have, Holeshot is another great zine. Nick just released #6 and its packed with 56 pages of overall goodness. SF report, Fit Life review, and much more. My favorite was the Hasbrown Burrito. Buy it here! I hope to have this up and running soon as well. With a various collection of zines lately, I decided to start posting little reviews. So if you make a zine drop me an email:

Saw this over on Defgrip, courtesy of Shadow Conspiracy.

Albert Mercado Shadow Winter Edit from Shadow Conspiracy on Vimeo.

Also check out the John Ivers video. Really diggin the short 1 min videos. Last but not least, starting on February 6th is Terry Adams TV! Flatland has slowly been making a come back, which is rad. Check it out at:

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