Sunday, January 31, 2010

Issue #5 - SR Skatepark -

With a weird and wacky Saturday the sun decided to show its face and fight off any rain clouds. The night before was filled with a good storm and pouring all night. Then come morning though... Boy do I wish I wouldn't have canceled the event now, such is life.

I did however go out there, as a birthday present to myself. Turning a quarter of a century year old and then deciding to ride your local skate-park (which you never got a hang of to begin with...) was a little intimidating at times. Maybe a few more frequent trips would prove to be beneficial?

In any event the locals shredded the park. I am drawing a blank on the names. But countless others were having a blast around the park. In and out of the transitions, gaps, and the best... table tops.

I looked for some video and found this:

I like the feel to the video. I've also seen another video of Ruben riding the park on a visit. During the video Ruben brings up a good point of the graffiti, and the difficulties of riding a slick surface. I didn't find this too bad, I did find my back however to be a problem. The reminder of the past surgery is always there and seems to shows its head the wrong time. Recently I've been having more issues with it. Never a good thing, but I still did manage to have my fun. I think some more trips could prove beneficial... maybe just starting slower.

Big thanks to my buddy Ian for coming to town. Riding with you is the best buddy.

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