Thursday, January 14, 2010

Release Party?! - Updates - Ice Cold on the web - Video

Mark your calendar! A Issue #5 release party will be held in Santa Rosa.

January 30th, 2010 12-5pm (Weather Permitting, rain = canceled) BBQ Starts @ 2PM (simple: hot dogs, soda, chips) $2 Donation Santa Rosa Skatepark 1735 Fulton Road, Santa Rosa CA Name-in-the-Hat Raffle: Framed art, free zines, bmx parts, and more.
Come have a good time. Say hi. Shred the park. Enjoy the grub.

A sneak-peak at Issue #5. Don't worry there is also writtings/interviews in this issue as well. I'm really excited on how #5 came along, I hope you enjoy as well!

A big thanks to the following people for their support; follow the link to the Ice Cold related post.



Sasquatch Canyon: Xina

CULT TEASER from on Vimeo.

Yo Adam R, big props homie! If you’re not linking, you’re not a blogger, you’re a joker, and not in a cool way Batman kinda way either.

vclub bmx - For The Sake of the Video - Trailer from Vclub Clothing on Vimeo.

Stolen from the Mutiny page. Gaz has been my new email buddy as of late, sorry about that goof buddy!

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