Thursday, January 28, 2010

Party is moved - The Canyon - Political views of a 19yr old, Save me now!

With a call for rain in the forecast on Saturday, January 30th, I had been contemplating postponing the BBQ and JAM. After talking with my good friend Mike B. about an upcoming show in the Santa Rosa area, he informed me it would be great to release the zine there as well. What does mean? Well the skatepark jam will happen when the weather is little less gloomy. The raffle is still on! I'll have a table set-up at the show with raffle tickets and zines for sale, free zines, free posters, and some stickers! Hope everyone enjoys. My apologies about the last minute change in location. I hope you all can make it! Also with this being said, I will still be at the skatepark for a few hours tomorrow. I'll have zines and few giveaways on hand!

Sasquatch Canyon has had some awesome updates as of late. Make sure to check it out!

And lastly a quote regarding a 19 year old's, John Teague, political views:
"Obama's speech skillz never fail to amaze. A good address overall, I think!"
And when someone questions John's president:
"Lolling* at the guy above me really hard."
If this is our future, I am really afraid...

*"Lolling" - Laugh Out Loud Louding?!? Really? Is that even spelled properly?

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  1. I'm still going to the skatepark on Saturday rain or shine!

    I'll have zines and some giveaways(bike related)! Come on out and say hey!