Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Release Party?! - Raffle Prizes - Friends

Facebook is weird thing. My parents actually had a Facebook before I had one, and encouraged/forced that I do the same. Fuck... anyways I have an Event posted for the Release Party. RSVP if you'd like! AGAIN RAIN CANCELS THIS EVENT! SORRY!

So what's up with the party?!? Everyone always wants to know: "Hey what do I get out of this?", "Are their going to be fine ladies/gents in attendance?", "What about food?", and the ever elusive "Can I bring beer?"

You can win any of the above, and more! I've got a nice collection of Raffle Prizes so far with some other stuff possibly arriving in the mail. So far we've got: Bike Parts (bmx & fixedgear), Framed Art, Prints, Free copies of Ice Cold #5, stickers, and more! Ladies and dudes are always welcome to attend, of all ages too! With that said no drinking of alcoholic beverages, please. I don't know the size or turn-out factor, so I have not acquired a permit for such activities and cannot condone such a thing. Maybe next time! Food will be on hand though, with a donation of $2, you'll be able to enjoy hot-dogs, chips, and soda. Candy and other treats should be around as well.

If you haven't noticed because of my constant posting, Ice Cold has been moving around the web. Check out a nice post from Mutiny, as well as Defgrip earlier in the week. Thanks guys!

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